Our mission is to source and offer authentic spices and masalas that will add unparalleled flavour and aroma to your food and make them memorable.

Our vision is to create an empowering platform for women that can provide them a safe workplace and cater to their social well being.


For 5 years we ground and churned out the best small-batched handcrafted spices and ready to eat mixes from the kitchens of the Indian women who add magic to the food and cuisine that is so famous around the world. Now we are here to serve the world.

At Sabeel our team of culinary experts aim to derive and serve premium blends of spices and mixes with warmth, flavour, sharpness, passion, love and nostalgia in them from authentic spices procured from select farms across India.

Sabeel is a women-centric enterprise scaled up in 2020 to provide employment opportunities to women, especially to the ones impacted by the covid pandemic. With women contributing up to 90% of the workforce, Sabeel promises to never go wrong when it comes to the masalas and cater the best Spices and spice blends to the world that is synonymous with Indian cuisine.

Sabeel Foods strongly resonates with the culture and heritage of India and is proudly a #MakeInIndia initiative on a mission to curate, preserve and serve authentic and generational recipes that have defined the food culture of India and established its place in the world as the Great Indian Cuisine.

Spices and herbs on white background
In our efforts to provide the world with the best species and mixes, we have left no stone unturned. Our Research and Development wing was set up to amalgamate the best of home recipes and science together and bring the best of both to your plate.

Our R&D Division under the label of Sabeel supports all markets worldwide with new product development and manufacturing excellence for spices, maslas and mixes. Under various enhancement programmes, it works directly with the farmers to source and improve the quality of their produce to be used as ingredients in our variety of offerings.
Quality and Safety for our consumers is Sabeel’s top priority. This applies to our entire portfolio from our range of consumables to all our systems and services. Our actions to ensure quality and food safety are guided by the company’s Quality Policy which describes our commitment to:

  • Build trust by offering products and services that match consumer expectation and preference
  • Comply with all internal and external food safety, regulatory and quality requirements
  • Create a zero-defect, no-waste and sustainable process for everyone in our company Make quality a organisation-wide objective
  • Health, safety & environment policy
    At Sabeel, we regard people as our most valuable asset and place the highest priority on providing them a safe, healthy and empowering working environment. At the same time we educate our employees that demonstrating safe behaviour at the workplace is the primary responsibility.

    We recognize our responsibility towards conservation resources, zero waste production and preservation of the environment for future generations. To comply with this we at Sabeel have developed smarter manufacturing techniques and sustainable sourcing practices with prime focus on resiliency and long-term benefit of all the stakeholders including farmers, consumers, environment and society at large.